We are a brick-and-mortar bookshop in the beautiful seaside town of Gibsons, BC, located on the Sunshine Coast, just a short ferry ride from Vancouver, on the West Coast of Canada. We grew up in this town, tripping over rocks and roots with our noses in books.
While visiting Gibsons for Christmas in December 2017, I realized that there was no longer a bookshop in town. I quickly called up my old pal Calen (who I met as a teenager in the Gibsons Public Library back in the early 00s), and together we decided to remedy that! We took over our first storefront in February of 2018, and since then, we've moved TWICE and have now settled in the very lovely Molly's Lane (right next to Molly's Reach of Beachcombers fame!). We've been steadily carving out a niche for ourselves by offering a selection of new and used books, records, cds, cassettes, vhs tapes, and a truly prolific amount of t-shirts and book-related merchandise.
There's nothing we love more than matching a customer with their next favourite book, or introducing people to the books that changed our lives. If I can get 600 people to read Ulysses over the next ten years, I think we'll be pretty happy with that.
Have a look around our online shop, and come visit us in person some time! Also buy some stuff, we need to buy oranges or we're gonna get scurvy.
-Tim and Calen